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 Focus on what's IMPORTANT, let us take care of the BRANDING

Get custom branding for your next event!

Market Seamlessly

Save Time

Save Energy

Stop wasting time on design and start focusing on your event!

 Looking to create a successful event but don't have the time to design all the graphics yourself? Our Consider-It-Done event branding kit has you covered! 

Our team of experts have created an easy-to-market event branding kit that will take the headache out of marketing and branding your next
Virtual Or In-Person event.
All you need is to select the package that best suits your needs, and we'll take care of the rest!

Focus on what's important - your attendees.

Streamline your event planning process and make planning and promoting your event simple!

Stop the overwhelm, get the Consider-It-Done event branding kit and enjoy these benefits!

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Here's What's Inside…

Our event kit is designed for any type of gathering - virtual or in person! 

Up to 30 Vendor / Event Flyers (FB/IG)

FB/LinkedIn Covers

Billboard Design (digital)

Email Header Design

Zoom Virtual Background

Event Landing Page / w automations 


1 Retractable Banner

1 Table Cloth

100 Brochures

150 Thank-you cards

Event Landing Page / w automations

Custom Domain


Package Details

Who Is This For? 

  • Event Planners

  • Event Coordinators

  • Consultants

  • Coaches

  • Solopreneurs

  • Teachers

  • Anyone wanting to host an online or in-person event!


We understand how stressful event planning and coordination can be.

To create the ideal event takes an enormous amount of effort, with so much depending on the experience you are able to put forward from start to finish. 


That's why we've created the Consider it Done event branding kit which can help take your event from good to great in a professional and coordinated manner - keeping your brand recognition, visibility, and credibility intact even throughout the most complex of events.

Who is this for?

How It Works

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Step 1

Choose what suits your event the best (i.e., virtual or in-person)


Step 2


Choose to pay in full or Splitit your payments.

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Step 3

Submit Your Event Branding Form. Allow at least 10 business days for your order to be completed.

How It Works?
Virtual Event Kit

We're excited to offer you this amazing opportunity to brand your event!


Our package includes everything you need to create a successful virtual or in person event - from beautiful flyers and a stunning billboard design, to an incredible landing page that will drive traffic to your event. We've also included thank-you cards and brochures to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance.

With so much included, this is the perfect opportunity for your event to take off!


Virtual Event Branding Kit


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  • Flyers for each participant / vendor (up to 15)

  • Billboard design (digital)

  • FB/LinkedIn Covers

  • Custom Event Flyer

  • Email Header

  • Zoom Virtual Background

  • FB/IG Reel

  • Event Landing Page / With Automations + Reminders

  • Custom Domain

10-Day Turnaround ***

In-Person Event Branding Kit


spitit png.png
  • Flyers for each participant / vendor (up to 30)

  • Billboard design (digital)

  • FB/LinkedIn Covers

  • Custom Event Flyer

  • Email Header

  • FB/IG Reel

  • 1 Retractable Banner 

  • 1 Table Cloth 

  • 100 Brochures 

  • 150 Thank you cards

  • Event Landing Page / With Automations + Reminders

  • Custom Domain

14 Day Turnaround ***

Grey Paint

Frequently Asked Questions

In Person Event Kit

Ready to promote your event like a pro with our exclusive visuals?

Focus more on the planning and execution of your event, while we take care of creating beautiful visuals that will help promote it. 
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