Every AMAZING speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur needs an press kit, branding kit or tradeshow system to impress buyers. 


Each piece is custom made and hand shipped directly to you. 


Use our custom Pressed By C. Kit to showcase your products and services. Learn more below.

  • 100 Brochures (Trifold, 8.5.11, Standard Glossy) OR 100 Rack Cards (Premium, Glossy Front)

  • 1 Brochure Holder

  • 1 Table Cloth (6 ', 3 Sided, printed all over)

  • 1 Retractable Banner (Premium, 33 x 86, Single Sided)

  • 2 Car Window Decals

  • 1 Company Sports Shirt (With Logo)

  • 1 Company Logo

  • 500 Business Cards (Single Sided)

Pressed By C. Kit

Shirt Size
  • All sales are final. Digital rendering of each piece must be preapproved by the customer before we order the final and finished product. If the product arrives damaged, the item can be replaced. 

  • The creation of this press kit is approximately 10 business days. After the designs have been approved, please allow atleast 7-10 business days for arrival. 




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