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Start your LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp Here

Launching Your Business is Easy, Here's How

Speak directly with an experienced local attorney who will help you choose the best business entity type and State filing for your situation, and make sure it’s set up and filed correctly the first time.

Launching Your Business is Easy, Here's How:

Step 1: Tell us about your business

Answer 8 quick simple questions about your business.

Step 2: Talk to an attorney in 4 business hours

Your local LegalShield attorney will contact you within 4 business hours to discuss what is needed to start your business, and determine which entity type is the best to set your business up under.

Step 3: Documents are filed on your behalf

Your attorney will file the business formation documents on your behalf and will complete supporting articles of organization.

Step 4: Run your business with more confidence

Final business documents are sent to you. You can have peace of mind and confidence knowing that the right business entity has been formed in the right state and you are protected and backed by a LegalShield law firm.

The Launch by LegalShield plan also comes with a 3-month small business plan. 

Starting at $145 + State Taxes & Fees


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A plan that fits your business

With a small business plan from LegalShield, you can get the expert legal support you need without the huge legal bill.

With a small business plan from LegalShield, you can get the expert legal support you need without the huge legal bill.


  • Join now and speak with a business attorney in as little as four hours

  • Get help protecting and growing your business

  • Save thousands of dollars over hiring an attorney directly

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General Consultation

Talk to your provider law firm about multiple legal matters concerning you about your business.

Document Review

Have your provider law firm make sure that documents for your business are accurate and in writing for clients, employees, and more.

Collection Letters

Get collection letters to help your business’ bottom line. 

Letters and Phone Calls

Have your provider law firm make phone calls or write letters for your business. Twenty to 40 calls or letters per membership year are available based on your plan.

Preferred Member Discount

A 25% discount off the provider attorney's standard corporate hourly rate for business legal matters is available for legal matters not otherwise provided. 

Small Business Plan Details:

"I originally joined LegalShield because I wanted to get my will completed. However, I have kept my membership because of the value it provides. I feel good knowing that if I have a legal question or if I need help with a legal document, I can contact LegalShield. I would highly recommend this company, and in fact, I have referred some of my friends and family members."


-Arizona Member

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